Kresina Match Play Championship

  • March 15, 2018
  • October 31, 2018
  • Multiple


  • Includes entry into the event as well as entry to the seeding party on March 15th.

In order to register for this event, your membership must be up to date!


Named after the master-mind of the event, the Kresina Match Play Championship will be a year-long, team competition. Players enter as a team and are randomly seeded into a tournament style bracket. Teams then play matches within the allocated time-frame and continue to advance until only one team remains.



The format of play will be FOURBALL (two-person best ball) match play with handicaps. The most recent handicap revision will be used for all players. All players will receive their handicap strokes as they fall on the card.


  1. Players must be members of the Central Ohio GCSA

  2. Players must have an established and active GHIN handicap. If you need assistance gaining access to a GHIN handicap, contact the COGCSA office

  3. Players must sign up as a TEAM. Management will not be able to pair individuals

  4. Only ONE (1) Affiliate member per team is allowed

  5. All membership classifications are eligible to participate

  6. Players should have access to a facility to host a match

  7. If teams are not able to coordinate playing their match within the allotted time, management will flip a coin to determine the team which advances

  8. The most recent handicaps will be used for the match; teams should notify the management office when matches are scheduled

  9. Players will receive 80% of their adjusted handicap
  10. The field will be limited to the first 32 teams which enter

  11. Only the winning team may stay in tact for the following year; all other teams must be comprised of different players than the previous year


  • $100 entry fee per team

  • Each team will play a minimum of two matches (teams that lose in the first round will be entered into the “losers’” bracket)

  • The top three places will receive prizes; 1st place, 2nd place and winners of the losers’ bracket


Thursday, March 15th
Location & Time TBD
Free to all registered players.
Seedings for the match play bracket will be randomly selected at this event. Snacks and beverages will be provided as we enjoy the first day of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

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