2019 Kresina Match Play Championship

  • March 21, 2019


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2019 Kresina Match Play Championship



Participate in this season-long, two-person best ball match play competition. Pick your teammate (see the rules) and compete for the championship!

$100 per team
Includes entry to the pairings party and participation in the event
(any applicable greens fees or cart fees not included)

NEW FOR 2019!

This year, all teams will be placed into pods. Teams will play each team within their pod once to earn points (1 point for a victory). The team with the most points from each pod advances to the semi-finals with a chance to play for the Kresina Cup!


  • Players must be members of the chapter
  • Players must have an established GHIN handicap
  • Only one affiliate member per team
  • Unless you are the champions from the previous year, you may not play with the same partner from last year
  • Teams will arrange to play the other teams within their pod; all pod matches must be played by August 15, 2019
  • If teams are not able make arrangements on their own to complete a match, management will flip a coin to determine the match winner (We don't want to do this! Play one vs. two or one on one if needed! Teams that do not play any matches cannot advance through their pod via coin-flip.)
  • Players receive 80% of their course handicap
  • After the match, a photo of the scorecard should be sent to management
  • Players may ONLY utilize a substitute in case of illness/injury
  • Players MUST post all scores according to the rules of the USGA (including nine-hole rounds)
  • Match rounds are to be posted as TOURNAMENT SCORES
  • The most recent handicaps will be used for the match; teams should notify the management office when matches are scheduled

  • Matches should be played until there is a winner; no ties

In the event of a tie within a pod, the following will be used to break ties:

  1. Head to head result (if only two teams tied in the pod, the winner of the head to head match will advance)
  2. Margin of victory (if multiple teams are tied, the team with the highest margin of victory wins; example - if a team wins 3 & 2, their margin of victory is 3; points are not subtracted for losses)
  3. If teams are still tied, the team with the largest margin of victory during pod play will advance (a team whose largest win was 6 & 5 would advance over a team that won 5 & 4)
  4. If they are still tied, arrangements will be made for a tie-breaker; chip off or coin flip!
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