2020 Kresina Match Play Championship

  • March 19, 2020
  • 12:00 PM


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2019 Champions - Scott Wiemers and Mark Rawlins

2020 General Format and Rules:

  1. Players must be active members of the COGCSA with dues paid for the year
  2. Players must have an established handicap through the World Handicap System. If you need a handicap, you may purchase one through the COGCSA here.
  3. There may only be one Affiliate member per team and only the winning team from 2019 may have the same partner from the year before
  4. There will be a blind draw for teams to be placed into pods. Each team will need to play the other teams within their pod to earn points (New point system! See below). The team with the most points in their pod advances to the playoffs.
  5. Each player will receive 80% of their course handicap for their matches (contact Brian Laurent if you need assistance with your adjusted handicap)
  6. Upon completion of your round, players must post their scores as TOURNAMENT scores according to the rules of the USGA. If the event committee is made aware of any player not posting their score within two days of their match, the player may be required to play any upcoming matches at 50% of their handicap until all scores are posted.
  7. Teams have until August 11, 2020 to complete their pod matches
  8. Once pod play is complete, the playoffs will be played as standard Match Play


Teams will play for points in each match, not to win the match like typical match play. Points are earned as follows:

Win a hole = 1 point
Tie a hole = 1/2 point
Lose a hole = 0 points

Additional Format and Rules Information

  1. The number of teams entered will determine the number of pods. No less than four and no more than 5 teams will be in each pod
  2. In the case that a match cannot be completed because of weather, the remaining holes will be scored as halved. A minimum of 14 holes must already be completed in order for this rule to take effect. If 14 holes are not played, teams are encouraged to "pick up where they left off"
  3. In the event of a tie within a pod at the end of pod play, ties will be broken based on,
    1. Head to head points
    2. Most points scored in a single match

4.  In the case where there are not 4 or 8 pods, wild card spots will be used to complete the final playoff bracket. Tie breakers for the wild card spots will be determined once the final number of teams are determined.

The event committee does its best to predict any and all scenarios, but if a scenario arises that was not accounted for, the committee will determine the best possible solution. In the case that a committee member is impacted by the decision, they will recuse themselves from the decision making process.

The Kresina Cup Committee Members include:

Keith Kresina, Chris Allender, Dean Massmann, Jim Dillard, Bob Becker, and Brian Laurent

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